Quidlibet Companies

img-keycouncel_03KeyCounsel, LLC

KeyCounsel is a resource in development that permits lawyers, paralegals, librarians and the general public to gain access to free or low-cost resources on law, regulation and the legal profession. Each resource is categorized and annotated for ease of use.

Fourbridge Partners, LLC

Fourbridge Partners, LLC is a partnership serving inventors who seek proof of concept or proof of product in an effort to commercialize their ideas or inventions. Firms successful in their POCs become clients of Quidlibet Consulting.

Joint Venture Network

The Joint Venture Network is forum for the use of the original Career Analysis and Planning Notebook. It is used to help individuals reflect on their goals and ambitions and to match companies needing resources with individuals able and willing to provide services and support in exchange for a stake in the successful company.