Quidlibet Consulting Consortium, LLC

Quidlibet Consulting Consortium is a full-service consulting firm engaged in business analysis and strategy formation.  We work with existing businesses and with entrepreneurs.  We also work with not-for-profit organizations struggling to define and implement their missions and with companies in turn-around that need a new direction, as well as financing. We provide access to lawyers, accountants, venture capital firms, and banks to help create or develop new products and services or bring them to market.  We help companies diversify and help entrepreneurs form and commercialize new ventures.

Quidlibet assists new ventures with their definition of core competencies and assertion of strategic advantage. All businesses, existing or newly created are vulnerable to failure in competitive environments or stressful times. Some of these businesses are highly-regulated and stretch our understanding of competition.  Attention to opportunities for growth and risks to success provide strategic challenges that go beyond the product or service a business is designed to sell.

Quidlibet provides assistance throughout the entire business planning process.  Our affiliates from various industries are highly qualified to provide assistance in specific areas to help create detailed plans for assessing problems, or ensuring development and growth.  We help firms train or acquire leadership and identify talent to implement goals and sustain momentum.