What We Do

Sample Engagements and Representative Projects

  • Developed performance objectives and marketing plan to capture pharmaceutical product liability defense business from existing corporate client of mid-sized firm. Resulted in $250,000 in retainers at first meeting;
  • Developed successful succession plan for privately-held organization, resolving intergenerational conflict;
  • Major cost reduction projects for large and medium-sized law firms in areas of operations and law library information;
  • Created complex litigation models in several competitive practice areas to develop fixed fee approach for business development. Resulted in immediate advantage in traditional law firm beauty contest capturing three major insurance company clients and $1.8M in second year revenue;
  • Implemented use of decision analysis to evaluate potential success at trial for intellectual property practice. Resulted in dramatic increase in number of settlements and reduction in time to settlement;
  • Captured new business from old clients by designing customized fee arrangements and cost recovery methods, resulting in more than $2M increase in revenue from greater client satisfaction, increased number of attorney assignments, and heightened client loyalty;
  • Invented unique work product management plans for insurance defense firm involving collaboration with insurance companies. Resulted in increased caseload, exclusive agreements for class of cases, and expenses covered by clients, including more than $500,000 in lawyer salaries;
  • Reassigned mix of lawyers in practice groups to leverage business potential at branch offices. Resulted in new clients for the branch and offices relocated at cost to client-owned business park;
  • Designed and conducted complex research to develop merger opportunities for large firm and specialty boutiques. Resulted in consolidation of specialists and diversification for larger firm;
  • Design, develop and direct implementation of business/career plans for individual lawyers in a stagnant mid-sized firm and conducted business planning workshops as outplacement strategy. Resulted in reputation as great firm to work for and major reduction of operational costs;
  • Created and implemented business plan for use of latent intellectual property of 100-year-old industrial brand for new company owners. Resulted in two major contracts for use of IP with major international industrial companies and ultimately the creation of a major brand for new energy equipment company;
  • Designed attorney information survey to assist publisher in consolidating product offerings resulting in reduced cost of sales and production, and the quantification of new market conditions;
  • Designed due diligence procedures for large corporate mergers and acquisitions activity in mid-sized manufacturing concern. Resulted in rapid decision about acquisitions and saved acquiring firm from major litigation;
  • Created a nonprofit venture for a medical diagnostic device corporation.

Risk Management & Total Quality Management Projects

  • Reinvented HR Department and objectified secretarial assignment process using Meyers-Briggs personality profile in major service organization. Resulted in reduced conflict, fewer assignments, and elimination of churning division, because of  less turnover in organization with 1,434 support personnel;
  • Created virtual office arrangements for medium-sized organization of 130 professionals, retaining only core conference area. Resulted in large reduction in space and facilities costs
  • Designed performance review procedures for virtual office personnel;
  • Designed due diligence procedures for risk management in the lateral partner hiring process. Resulted in fewer negative post-hire disclosures and disappointments;
  • Reorganized management subcommittees to establish common short-and long-term objectives. Resulted in rapid, congenial agreement on implementation and elimination of redundant and unproductive processes;
  • Restructured legal costs for medical diagnostics firm.
  • Provide automated customer satisfaction survey methodology for large European manufacturer challenged by U.S. competition. Resulted in new marketing and CRM programs.

Engineering & Innovative Technical Projects 

  • Designed new adjunct service organization for Fortune 100 Corporation to support core business operation. Resulted in stand-alone organization with 250 employees and pro forma revenues on excess on $120M;
  • Designed facilities management services product to complement on-site engineering practices and define optimal time for equipment maintenance to reduce downtime of major energy facilities. Resulted in Board of Directors position with new engineering venture servicing large property management firms and industrial sites and eventual sale of product to building management firm;
  • Designed business model for manufacturer of pumps that extract ground water from industrial mining sites;
  • Organized failure analysis methodology for drills used in gold mining, resulting in change in design with manufacturer;
  • Created business and organizational plan for bankrupt manufacturer to reorganize as a firm to license intellectual property;
  • Designed plans and implement procedures for two leading process designers to proof-of-process through evaluation and testing and ultimate EPA certification;
  • Represent business interests of process designer in developing new business model for sale of process, and designed a plan for leading inventors to proof-of-process in an international arena;
  • Managed process research and proof-of-process for new technology in municipal sludge treatment;
  • Created business plan and plan for commercialization of sludge treatment process after proof-of-process formulation.

Knowledge Management Strategies

  • Designed and developed expert witness database for $8M environmental litigation practice. Resulted in major savings in cost delivery;
  • Negotiated fixed fees with legal and business research vendors for several firms to fuel business development projects. Resulted in savings for a single firm in excess of $4.8M in research costs on a three- year contract;
  • Invented a computerized indexing system called QuiCatalog for use in managing database legal briefs, agreements, and memoranda. Available on the Internet.
  • Created Intranet business strategies for multi-office firm to introduce productivity improvement and collaborative work products. Resulted in greater lawyer independence, productivity, and comfort at the computer;
  • Designed database management system for federal courts to track concentration of criminal cases. Resulted in ability to meet speedy trial requirements under federal guideline;
  • Designed database management system to project costs of facilities maintenance projects across variables in building management industry.

Corporate Reorganization and Turn-Around Projects

  • Serviced as subcontractor to LaSalle Bank, Continental Bank, and independent auditing firms to reorganize financial structure and operations of firms in various industries including chemical dye manufacturing, textile fabricators, retail furniture, manufacturer of trucking platforms, candy manufacturer, commercial shelving manufacturer, international market research firm, retail art gallery, and a scrap aluminum supplier.
  • Created for-profit trademark management firm for 100-member law firm;
  • Created consulting group from intellectual property practice group in major law firm.

Practice Management

  • Created business and operating plan for 6-member medical specialty practice in lung disorders;
  • Created business and operating plan and served as operating manager for 2-member obstetrics and gynecology practice;
  • Created business and operating plan for moving and re-establishing a 2-member oncology practice and developed additional outreach activity for one oncologist that generated additional professional recognition and honoraria;
  • Created a workshop for Managing the Digital Workplace to address employment law and employee benefits issues for the homebound workforce.